Choosing the right drug test

Saliva Vs Urine Drug Testing

Which is best for your workplace?




Drugs that can be detected

Amphetamines / methamphetamines,

cannabis (THC), cocaine, opiates & benzodiazepines in 6 Drug test plus MDMA ecstasy in the Oral View 7


Amphetamines /methamphetamines,

cannabis (THC), cocaine, opiates, 

benzodiazepines, morphine, MDMA

Detection time-frames

Detects recent drug use up to 24 hours for most drugs

Provides results in 6- 8 minutes

Detects drugs taken in the last 1-5 days

Provides results in a few minutes

Testing Procedure

Requires wiping the inside of the mouth and producing saliva to soak a test sponge.

Least invasive method of sampling

Involves an employee producing a urine sample into a sterile test container

Ease of Sample Collection

Samples are easy to collect anywhere at anytime, small chance of adulteration

Per Australian Standards –sample collections should be witnessed, adulterant checks are advised


Random testing, reasonable cause, post accident.

An indicator of recent drug use or “fit for work”

Pre=employment, random, reasonable cause, post accident, post rehabilitation, rehabilitation

Provides a short history of drug use